The Bliss Ball is a sugar-free, additive-free, gluten-free
sweet made of a variety of dried fruits and nuts.
Enjoy a guilt-free experience for your sweet tooth.

For your colorful life

For everyone who wants to enjoy life to the fullest —

As a child, snack time was a moment of pure joy and bliss.
Since when have we started to feel “guilt” eating snacks?

Bringing back that blissful moment from childhood, with the “Bliss Ball” —

This is the hope behind establishing FOOD JEWELRY, the first store in Japan specializing in Bliss Balls.

If jewelry is something you enjoy by wearing, we believe your diet is “the jewelry of your body”. A novel solution for your one and only life.

No Sugar, So Sweet

The Bliss Ball, a snack originated in Australia, is a new style “guilt free” sweet made of dry fruits and nuts. - No Sugar - No Gluten - No Additives

FOOD JEWELRY offers a special blend of Bliss Balls - in addition to any kind of food coloring, we use no sweeteners such as honey/maple syrup, or chocolate.

No Sugar, So Sweet

Our flavor comes from maximizing the inherent flavor of the ingredients, such as dry fruit and nuts. Enjoy the fresh, sugar-free sensation.


The Bliss Ball is a new kind of “sugar free, gluten free, additive free” sweet, made for a guilt free experience for your sweet tooth.
Enjoy the sweet sensation of mellow yet crunchy texture.


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