FOOD JEWELRY is a confectionary start-up that creates the new “FUTURE STANDARD” in the food industry without being bound by the conventional framework of “confectionery” in order to realize its corporate philosophy of “For your colorful life / We create food that makes your life bright.

If you are at all interested in our FOOD JEWELRY, please feel free to contact us. We also welcome your comments and feedback on the products offered by FOOD JEWELRY. Please let us know what our customers have to say.

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FOOD JEWELRY Catering/Novelty Offer Inquiries

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We provide catering and novelty services for Bliss Balls for a wide range of corporate and individual clients.


We offer healthy and festive FOOD JEWELRY Bliss Ball catering (delivery).

Standard Plan

– Bliss Balls (from 100 pieces) ¥25,000

(*All prices exclude tax)
Number of pieces can be adjusted.

Maintenance Food Plan

– Bliss Ball + Vegetable Buffet + 4 Dishes – From ¥3,980 per person (minimum of 20 people).

We are happy to make suggestions regarding adjustments to the menu and drink requests in accordance with individual preferences.


We can provide individually wrapped Bliss Balls that can be used as take-home gifts, event gifts, wedding gifts, etc.
We can also customize the design/flavor choices to suit your event.

* Delivery area: All over Japan (actual delivery charge for cool delivery)

* Catering Cancellation Fees
Changes or cancellations of orders will be accepted up to 7 days prior to the date of the event. Any changes or cancellations made after that time may be subject to a change or cancellation fee. *This also applies to cancellations for outdoor use or in the event of inclement weather.

Cancellation fees are as follows:
7 days prior to the scheduled date of use: 30% of the estimated amount
3 days prior to the scheduled date of use: 50% of the estimated amount
The day before or the day of use: 100% of the estimated amount