QWhat is the size of a Bliss Ball?
AThe Bliss Ball is a ball shaped sweet with a diameter of 3 cm, and weighs approximately 12g/piece. For younger children or elderly customers, please be careful not to choke on them. (Also please note that the size may change depending on the product.)
QHow many calories does one Bliss Ball contain?
AApproximately 50-60 calories/piece. (calories vary by flavor)

About Shelf Life and Storage

QWhat is the shelf life of Bliss Balls?
AThe Bliss Ball can be enjoyed for approximately three weeks from customer delivery. (Since we do not use any preservatives, please eat sooner than later.)
QHow should I store the Bliss Balls once they have arrived?
APlease store them in a cool, dark place. It will taste better longer if kept refrigerated.

About Delivery

QWhat are the shipping costs?
AShipping costs vary based on delivery area.
Bliss Ball Delivery

Bliss Balls will be shipped at room temperature. (Refrigerated delivery is available upon request, for an additional 280 yen charge). Only refrigerated delivery available during July and August.

[Room temperature delivery]
Kanto area 750 JPY
Tokai / Shin-etsu area 800 JPY
Kanto area 750 JPY
Kanto area 750 JPY
Kanto area 750 JPY
Kansai / Tohoku / Hokuriku area 850 JPY
Chugoku area 950 JPY
Shikoku area 1,060 JPY
Kyushu / Hokkaido area 1,160 JPY
Okinawa area 1,870 JPY

(Additional 280 JPY charge for refrigerated delivery)

Book Delivery (Room Temperature)

Books will be delivered through Letter Pack envelopes. (370 JPY) *All prices include tax

QHow long does it take to receive my order?
AWe make deliveries every Friday. Arrival dates vary based on area.
(Business hours: 10:00 – 18:00 / Days off: Saturday, Sunday, Public holidays)